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About Us
Aerial View of Niagara Falls

We are dedicated to providing visitors to Niagara Falls an alternative to sterile hotel environments with unique accommodations in local neighborhoods. 

It all began in 2009 with Wanderfalls Guesthouse and Hostel which we still own and operate.  In 2012, we purchased 2 more houses that needed a lot of love and attention and over the course of 7 months, turned into the Whirlpool Cottage and the Great Gorge Guesthouse which we opened in 2013.

Our most recent purchase in June of 2014 was The Mint, another old Victorian house, crying to be saved.  It was by far the biggest and most challenging but after 9 months of repairs, renovation and restoration, we opened it in April 2015.

Unable to stop ourselves we bit off The Project in 2018.  Four years later we are ready to open The Red Brick Inn (one side of the large brick Victorian side-by-side duplex).  We will be continuing to finish the Project as time allows and eventually will have 2 more houses to offer visitors to Niagara Falls.

When you stay in one of our houses, it becomes your home away from home.  
About Us
Let us provide your home away from home
in Niagara Falls
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Andre and Carroll Reetz - your hosts